JLC’s Ex Girlfriends before settling down with Ellen Adarna

Before John Lloyd Cruz became a father to Ellen Adarna’s son, he was first in a relationship with a string of women in the entertainment and showbiz industry. Some are more serious than others, while others are evidently more complicated. Either or, here is a list of the women he has dated in the past.

1) Kaye Abad

JLC and Kaye Abad were only teenagers when they had their puppy love relationship. They were only 15 and 14 at that time. According to JLC, their relationship lasted for only 9 months but none the less he loved her very dearly. “In that sense po ay talagang hindi ko po makakalimutan na I was once in love, very much in love with Kaye Abad,” he said in an interview.

2) Krista Ranillo

Even shorter than the 9-month relationship with Kaye Abad, Krista was only with JLC for 3 months. They had dated shortly after their Tabing-Ilog days. At present day, Krista is now married to a supermarket CEO with whom she has 4 children with.

3) Ciara Sotto

was John Lloyd Cruz’s big crush. He was very persistent with courting him and they shortly became a couple afterward. Their relationship lasted for two years.

4) Heart Evangelista

JLC and Heart dated in 2005. It was such a long time ago that John Lloyd Cruz cannot even remember. He was quoted saying the following, “We dated for… I can’t remember anymore… before she dated Echo.”

5) Liz Uy

JLC and Liz had a three year– almost four years–relationship. Even though they broke up, the two split in amicable terms.

6) Sarah Geronimo

The singer-actress once confessed that she really felt attracted to JLC but the timing wouldn’t allow for them to be together. “We had this little story about timing. Laging timing is not our friend really, ‘no? Simula sa A Very Special Love, tapos You Changed My Life… Yeah, timing is an issue,” she said.

7) Ruffa Gutierrez

The two dated for a little less than a year after they both starred in the show I Love Betty La Fea which first aired in 2008.

8) Shaina Magdayao

The two became a couple in June 2010 but split after two years in April 2012.

9) Angelica Panganiban

The two had a long four-year relationship before they called it quits in 2016, Several issues prompted the break up including Angelica’s 6-year relationship with Derek Ramsay.

10) Bea Alonzo

JLC and Bea were working for many years but they never confirmed anything about their relationship, although several people still believe that they were romantically involved in the past. Bea explained, ”Magkaibigan naman talaga kami ni John Lloyd. I mean, we’ve been working together for so many years. Normal naman yata kasi ako yung huli niyang nakatrabaho.”

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