Check this list of Filipino Celebrities who suffered from heart problems

Taking care of our body is a hard task especially when your work in life takes much of your time. Some people neglect their bodies from the proper nutrient they need, and others lack from sleep due to their chosen career. People nowadays are getting busier with their career and happenings that most of the time, their body suffer. Other people have their ways to balance and maintain their healthy lifestyle despite of having hectic schedule but unfortunately, some are unlucky to have this kind of ability.

In this fast pacing society, for us to be able to go with its flow, we have to prepare ourselves. Many problems will come on our way so our physical, mental and emotional aspect should be well and fit. Because if we are having problems with it, we might stumble on our way and get left behind or worse, we might not achieve and reach the finish line. One way to prevent this from happening is to check our health condition. All of us should be aware of what is happening inside our bodies. We should take care of our health because it is our number one fuel.

One of the leading causes of mortality worldwide is cardiovascular complications where over 600,000 lives end yearly. Some causes of cardiovascular complications are due to unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, being overweight and smoking. Heredity can also be taken into consideration for the cause of these complications.

All of us may suffer from cardiovascular complications if we are not careful. No one is exempted with this; even famous, rich and influential people can be affected by cardiovascular complications. Here is a list of Filipino Celebrities who have experienced heart problems.

Rico J. Puno

Recently, the OPM legend, Rico J. Puno, suffered from a awful heart failure. The legend’s life ended this October 30. Last 2015, he underwent triple bypass surgery. And in 2016, he suffered from blockage in his arteries leading to his brain. A pacesetter was also placed in his body earlier this year.

Kim Atienza

In 2010, TV personality, Kim Atienza, suffered from dreadful blood clotting in his arteries and in 2013, his hands became disabled due to cardiovascular complications. Due to this, he underwent heart surgery to impede further injury to his health.

Gary Valenciano

Because of a blockage in a main artery of his heart, Gary Valenciano was hospitalized which shocked the public. He underwent heart surgery which became successful.

Ely Buendia

The former “Eraserheads” lead vocalist, Ely Buendia, also suffered from cardiovascular complications and had undergone angioplasty several times after his heart failure in 2007. Ely Buendia also has a history of cardiovascular complications in his family.

Joy Viado

In 2016, comedienne, Joy Viado, suffered from a heart failure which caused the end of her life. She was also suffering from diabetes, and nearly in recovery when the incident happen.

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Source: KAMI

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