The fashion model Kris Nuqui to be compared to Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano. 

When it comes to physical beauty, perhaps it must have been flattering for the fashion model Kris Nuqui to be compared to Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano.

Last year, social media users completely freaked out when the 20-year-old celebrity posted some sensually-stimulating beach pictures on social media. But as it turned out, the netizens eventually found out that it was Nuqui herself, not Soberano.

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Unsurprisingly, this self-proclaimed social media influencer share similar physical attributes with the Kapamilya celebrity. As a matter of fact, Niqui’s close-to-perfection facial structures, flawless skin complexion and radiant smile and smize have a near resemblance to the Soberano’s.

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In an Instagram post, she addressed her comparison towards the “Bagani” star.

“Guys, first and foremost I am overwhelmed by the numerous posts of different pages about me looking like Liza or you may have mistaken me for her. If I may say something about her, she’s quite beautiful that I can’t even imagine myself looking like her. She’s beyond beautiful! But thank you, thank you for the recognition you have given me today.”

Moreover, she even clarified that she didn’t start the trending conversation on social. Therefore, asking the netizens not to judge her.

“Although for the people who cannot believe that to be true and want to emphasize the big difference between us two, it’s okay. Still, I thank you. Basta don’t just get mad at me ha? Because it wasn’t me who started it all!”

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Source: Manila Flash 

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