Janella Salvador and Marco Gumabao were spotted going on a date at the same controversial restobar that had prompted ElNella to split

Janella Salvador has a lot going on right now. Of all of them, the most pressing must be the fixation of the media towards her confession about Elmo Magalona’s treatment towards her. Many Netizens were not pleased with the actions of her then partner when the news had went out. She finally came clean through an interview with Philippine Star where she exposed several details about the said relationship with Elmo Magalona.

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“It was not the first time that he hurt me…. The first time happened months earlier. He claimed that he didn’t remember what he did, maybe because he had a drink, and he asked for forgiveness and I gave him a chance. I told him, ‘Next time, don’t bring yourself to the point that you will hurt someone.’

He promised naman that he wouldn’t do it again” she detailed in the tell all interview with Ricky Lo. She had also hoped to end the whole thing and put it behind her with a light note, stating that she believes Elmo can change with the help of therapy. “I support him on that. It’s good that he recognized the problem and he’s addressing it.” At the very least, the actress said that she had felt disrespected and cannot tolerate such behavior. That is why she had to leave.

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After this incident, however, a couple of photos of her and Marco Gumabao have been seen making rounds all over the realm of social media platforms. The two can even be seen getting nice and cozy seemingly looking like they have been holding hands in one of the photos that can be found online. In fact, Janella might even look like she is already in love by the way her eyes lit up looking at her new found man, Marco.

Several people did try to dig deeper into the situation however, stating that the photo location of the above is the same place where the incident with Elmo Magalona had happened. Entertainment news publications like had then speculated that this was possibly a way and means of provoking Elmo Magalona and his party for a response. “The alleged sighting of Janella and Marco Gumabao, in full view of other people at the said restobar, was taken after the concert of Mario Mortel last October 26. Is she trying to provoke Elmo into answering her allegations?” the reports read.

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Here are what some of the Netizens are saying:
“Ang shakit nyan Elmo! May iba nang ka date ang iniirog mo”
“Maharot pala iyung girl”
“Gimmick lang yan para pag.usapan SHOW nila sa CANADA..”

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