Janella Salvador admits and shuts all rumours down, confirming the break up with Elmo Magalona

Rumours have spread that the reason Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona broke upp was because the latter was physically hurting the young singer and actress. And although she tried her best to keep quiet with regards to the situation, she had finally said her piece over an interview with Phil Star’s Ricky Lo stating that it was not as Elmo Magalona’s family painted it to be.

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The two have been dating for almost 2 years, without officially putting a label on their relationship. It was only until recent that they confirmed that they were once a couple but are now no more. This happened because Elmo Magalona had one too many drinks (at least one time) and had been unkind to the actress going in as much as laying a hand on her. Nonetheless, she acknowledged that the actor is now going through therapy which she is very supportive of.

“Nasabi ko na naman lahat sa kanya when we were able to talk about things after the incident, but I totally support you for whatever you need to heal, whatever you need to help yourself. I just want to say I totally support you on that..“ she said.

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Several of the netizens were heartbroken over the issue hoping that the two resolve the whole situation one day. Some are less tolerant while the others do not seem to know how to remove themselves from the situation comepletely saying things that make them look like they know better than the two who have been in the said relationship.

Ultimately, here are some of the comments below.

“Bkit my break up.. Wla nmn inamin na sila” said Deliela Nopia Nuyte. She has a point.

Jeck Belano Rulida is more hopeful, saying that “I hope maging ok rn kau,in god’s peefect time”

Jefferson Calata Libiran tried to boost the self esteem of Janella, claiming that “Your [sic] too much talented for that guy… Marami jan bata kpa.. Humanap ka ng lalaking hnd ka sasaktan kht isang truck pa ung inuming alak… Godbless… Continoue what your doing..”

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Rizpah Ramirez adviced that “If relationship is not working, best way is to take a separate path before you hurt each other even more…. Learn from your bad experience and move on …. By the way, listening to our parents doesn’t make us weak. Parents won’t give us advice that would bring us astray … Good Luck Janella…. God Bless”

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